Our mission to supply high quality seeds


Star Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. is a high quality hybrid seed manufacturer and exporter, it was earlier known as Star Beej, was founded by top notch members of seasoned researchers in the area of seed development and production. The company was incorporated in 2000 with a strong vision to become a quality manufacturer of hybrid seed keeping the safety of human & environment which is the top most priority...... ReadMore.


Star Agrotech have established an impressive share in Indian seed production scenario. The Company has commissioned 100,000 acres for seed production by a highly specialized and competent group of 35,000 seed growers in the crop of Maize, Paddy, Bajra, Sunflower, Jowar, Mustard, Wheat & Vegetables. We have a large area of production in Telangana, A.P., Gujarat, U.P. etc. To substantiate the reputation of quality assurance, a stringent seed quality assurance system is followed at the highly modernized seed conditioning plant. The Company has an investment projection of highly mechanized maize cob drier for seed production to support the future growth. The Company has established three modernized multi-crop seed conditioning plant at Telangana and a bio-tech laboratory having a facility of DNA finger printing. The company products have been expanded globally to Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Africa and middle-east countries.


Quality Assurance

The Importance of Quality Assurance. Quality assurance is a system companies use to review products, and the production system, to ensure consistent, quality results. ... A quality assurance system can help your company identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the service or production method.

Seeds Development

Seed development is a pivotal process in the life cycle of an angiosperm. It is initiated by the process of double fertilization, which leads to the development of the embryo and the endosperm . Recent studies showed that the early seed development is likely to be influenced by histone acetylation.


In marketing, promotion refers to any type of marketing communication used to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, brand or issue. The aim of promotion is to increase awareness, create interest, generate sales or create brand loyalty. It is one of the basic elements of the market mix, ...

Quality Products

“Product quality means to incorporate features that have a capacity to meet consumer needs (wants) and gives customer satisfaction by improving products (goods) and sale strategy .