Sun Flower

Our Products

Name of research crops
Cereal Crops
  • Maize
  • Paddy
  • Bajra
  • Jowar
Vegetable Crops
  • Tomato
  • Brinjal
  • Chilly
  • Bhindi
Fiber Crops
  • Cotton
Fodder Crops
  • SSG White
  • SSG Red
• In 2002 we released 3 Early Hybrids and 3 Medium Maturity Hybrid,
• In 2003 we released 1 full season Hybrid & 2004 we released 2 more hybrids.
• During 2004-2008 we released 8 Hybrids of medium maturity, Early Hybrids in different crops. At present we are having eleven Hybrids of different maturity group in research stage.
We are marketing 3 Hybrids since last Ten years, and have 4 more pipeline Hybrids. We have 200 established R lines and 50 Seed Parents.
We got inbred Rice Parental lines from different Sources. We are planning to develop our own CMS lines with good quality; like good exertion, milling quality, boiling quality; by B x B & B x R Crosses. Presently we are marketing three Hybrids.
We are having near about 50 established hirsutam lines, 5 barbardense lines & 115 Seggeregating hirsutam lines. Beside these we are having Two R lines also. In first few years we made crosses and evaluated them. At present we selling two Hybrids and having 4 hybrids under pipeline stage.
We launched One High Yielding Hybrid in 2002, we are planning to release some dual purpose Hybrids in future.
At present we are marketing One White Grained and One Red Grained SSG Hybrids
We have different types of Germplasm in Sunflower we are selling two Hybrids with good Oil Content. We are trying to get more Hybrids with High Oil Content
We are selling four tomato hybrids, two Bhindi Hybrids, three chilli hybrids and two brinjal hybrids.