Sun Flower

Research & Development

Deep desire and invent something better than today's product passion and interest towards their work has been important criterion to excel in R&D our company and the research team has always tried to give out their best in them with great exertions, and maintained the objective of attaining market leadership in the seed business.

Our investment in R&D on one hand and top of the line germplasm on the other is a reflection of this dedication. We have a team of around 5 scientists dedicated to plant breeding, genetic enhancement, agronomy, plant physiology, plant pathology, entomology and seed technology. The leased farm research infrastructure used by Star Agrotech comprising of 100 acres in and around Hyderabad. This helps our scientists in developing high yielding hybrids resistant to bioticand abiotic stresses that are adaptable to varying agro-climatic zones.

The group, with its large collection of germplasm across its mandate crops, has developed trait specific genetic enhancement programs by integrating conventional breeding with molecular tools, also addressing climate change. Star Agrotech is committed to supply quality seeds of all major crops our farmers need andhas given major focus on maize, bazara, SSG, sunflower, mustard, paddy (OP & Hybrid)and vegetables (Okra, chillies, tomato, brinjals and gourds).
  • Heritable augmentation to develop new and quality germplasm.
  • Use of new tools and techniques such as transgenic, genomics, and ICTs to enhance effectiveness of genetic enhancement.
  • Creating value for the farmers by designing the processes as per market expectations in research systems
We place special emphasis on technologies for saving labour and input-costs and climateproofing, food safety and nutrition enhancement.